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105 Consumers Drive, Unit 2, Whitby, Ontario, L1N 1C4905-442-2420carolyne.cauchon@stepcentre.ca



Cognitive Health Anger Management Program

Our anger management program will help you to develop the skills you need to manage anger in your daily life and eliminate destructive behaviours.

Successful anger management isn’t about never getting angry. The key to effective anger management is learning how to control and express your anger appropriately. Anger is a normal reaction to frustration but many of us haven’t mastered the cognitive and behavioural skills to handle our angry feelings.

Using cognitive behavioural therapy, CHAMP will teach you how to manage your anger effectively. People who master anger management enjoy improved relationships, better occupational success and enhanced physical and mental health.

CHAMP will help you to . . .

  • learn how to respond instead of react to situations
  • identify the functional and dysfunctional aspects of anger
  • understand the impact of anger on relationships
  • examine and comprehend anger and domestic violence
  • eliminate destructive behaviours
  • recognize the causes and triggers of anger
  • establish successful stress management techniques and coping skills
  • appreciate the connection between anger and substance abuse
  • reduce depression
  • manage anxiety
  • resolve past anger



We offer a dynamic 8 or 16 hour program depending on your personal and/or legal requirements. The 8 hour program is a superior anger reduction program which teaches the basics of anger management. The 16 hour program builds on the 8 hour program and has a domestic violence component and teaches the foundation of relationship success and improved communications skills.

Detailed reports are provided to your lawyer or probation officer.

The Benefits of CHAMP

  • learn to respond instead of react
  • resolve past anger
  • improve work relationships
  • enjoy better personal relationships
  • minimize depressive symptoms
  • reduce conflict



CHAMP can be taught in private psychotherapy or group format for maximum convenience. Please call our office at 905-442-2420 or email us for rates and inquiries.